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Most distances are approximate, most early rides includes breakfast….

The RidesThrough El Choco Natl. Park:

*The Max Endurance #1:

   A ride which starts with an 1 ½ hours “warming” and turn into a technical and long ride through the trails along El Choco Natl. Park. Going over rocky drops, roots, jumps, tight turns are part of the things expected to be seeing, a rush of adrenaline.  

    Level: advanced/ Qty of customers: – 4/ schedule: from 6 to  4 p.m. Summertime/ 7 to 2 p.m. Wintertime. Duration – 5 hours. Distance upon request, 25 miles or 34 miles. U.s. 40.-

    Note: When is wet, upon request, too risky!!.


 *The Max Endurance #2:

   As for the #1 but in a shorter option but more technical and 70% singletrack riding.

    Level: Advanced- Qty of Customers: -4/ Schedule: from 6 to 3 p.m. Summer time/6:30 to 3:30, Wintertime/ Duration – 3 hours., 19 miles U.s 30.-


 *El Choco:

    Divided by 50 % road riding and 50% off road riding, is an good endurance ride, an great option for non expert riders with great endurance, thus, runners, tennis players, swimmers are welcome to experience this 28 miles loop, very scenic, too.

   An excellent option before getting into the water sports of Cabarete.

  Level: intermediate/advanced/ Qty of Customers: – 6/ Schedule from 6:30 to 2 p.m. Winter time or Summertime/ Duration – 4 hours., 25.5 miles, U.s. 35.-


  *The 3 X 1:

   The choice of the challengers, an endurance test. 12.4 miles road riding and 34 miles off road full of all what you need to force your heart and lungs, great scenic views, river bath, being in contact to the life of the rural campesino. Big flat rides, uphills, downhills and….at the connection to El Choco trail it leads to the trails thru the Natl. Park ending right at Cabarete town, too much to see over 6 hours!!.

  Level: Advanced/ Qty of Customers: – 3/ Schedule: as late as 9 a.m., Wintertime (if is NOT raining, the rivers gets too deep) or Summertime. Duration: -6 hours, 35 miles.

   The first 9.3 miles could be change upon request by shuttling service covered by the client!!.


 Through the Septentrional Mt. Range

   * The Master Loop:

     Another choice for people who loves miles and miles over a bike, an option to feel the Septentrional Mt. Range atmosphere. The most scenic of the rides and another great choice for non expert people, capable to be riding 6 hours, over very hilly climbs, great climate and sporadic isolation.

  Level: Advanced/Qty of Customers: -3/ Schedule: NEVER as late as 9 a.m., Wintertime (never if is raining, the rivers gets too deep) or Summertime. Duration: -7 hours. Distance: 66 miles. U.s 70.-, dominican lunch included!!

  This ride could be change upon request by shuttling service totally covered by the client, it shortens the tour 27 miles on the road.


     *The Vuelta del C…. Experience (the Loop of the A..)

      Too bored in your hotel, having 10 hours of nothing else to do, no wind or waves, enough strong bike rider, an TOO expert rider, this is one of the largest loops of D.R., is all about riding riding and riding a bike for endless hours. This monster loop opened in March 2011 has not being visited since then, it covers a mayority of the Septentrional Mt. Range making you possible to visit Hermanas Mirabal (originally known as Salcedo) and Moca cities and back to Cabarete in…10 hours!! But….very scenic, hilly, an great escape to do mountain tourism.

Level: Too Advanced/ Qty. of Customers: -3/ Schedule: NEVER as late as 7 a.m.; 5:30 A.M. Summertime/ Duration: 10 hours/ Distance: 85 miles. U.s.90.-, breakfast and lunch included.

Ask me about (V del C) meaning.


 *The Mt. & Beach Bike Ride

  As the ones through the Septentrional Mt. Range, this ride allows you the “must” visit the waterfall at Ojo de Agua village which a few hours later leads you to Magante Beach though endless river crosses, 1 ½ hours road riding. Very nice downhills, long climbs, great caribbean landscapes…

    Level: Intermediate/Advanced/ Qty. of Customers: 4/ Schedule: as late as 8 a.m. Summertime or Wintertime (if is not raining, rivers gets too deep!!). Distance: 40 miles. U.s 90.-, Duration: 7 Hours. Breakfast, Lunch and Transportation included.

  Note: If is 2 clients, they MUST cover the transportation but the price drops to U.S.70.- , lunch included, too!


   *The Uphill Challenge

  As the title refers, this ride test your capabilities as an uphiller, totalizing 10 miles of very steep climbs up to 6,562 feet of total elevation. At the middle, a bath at the cascade at Ojo de Agua is a must, a wonderful ride from Gaspar Hernandez town that ends in the town of Jamao.

     Level:  Advanced/ Qty. of Customers: 4/ Schedule: as late as 8 a.m. Summertime or Wintertime (if is not raining, rivers gets too deep!!). Distance: 25 miles. U.s. 60.-, Duration: 5 hours. Transportation Included!!.


 Road Rides  (mt. bikes with slick tires!!)  

*Cabarete to Rio San Juan

  Along the Northern Coast road, nice beach landscapes, mostly very flat . Breakfast at Hotel Bahia Blanca, Gri Gri lagoon and his mouth towards the shore are a “must” to see during the visit.

    Level: easy/intermediate/ Qty. of Customers: -6/ schedule: as late as 9 a.m., Summertime or Wintertime. Distance: 62 miles/ Duration: -5 hours U.S. 35.-. breakfast included!!


*The Cibao Loop

     Crossing the road from Northern Coast to Moca, heading to Santiago, biking through La Cumbre which heads to Puerto Plata and completing the ride back to Cabarete. Very scenic, great climate and hilly, very good for training purposes.

    Level: Advanced/ Qty. of Customers: -4/ Schedule: as late as 8 a.m., any season. Distance 90 miles/ Duration: 8 hours. U.s. 60.-, Lunch included!.


  *The loop through Isabel de Torres Mt.

   Road riding from Cabarete to La Gran Parada, off roading to Puerto Plata thru El Cupey town and looping back to Cabarete. Level: Advanced/ Qty. of Customers: -4/ Schedule: as late as 9 A.M., any season. Distance: 55 miles/ Duration: 5 Hours. U.S. 40.-.