Yerba Bruja at Aldea Casa Verde La Vega

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Yerba Bruja an 11 member reggae band from Puerto Rico, came to Aldea Casa Verde in La Vega, Dominican Republic. They were the headline for the release party of  Caribbean Smoothies’ a rolling paper made from tobacco leaves grown in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Dtroya y el Conuco, a Dominican band opened for Yerba Bruja.


La Lomota Downhill V2 Outlaw Race

Friday, August 23rd, 2013


IMG_9936 copy300pxLa Lomota Downhill V2 Outlaw Race

S-Curves and Switchbacks and the terms that make downhill skaters drool. 19 curves of downhill fun is what pulls at their souls. Racing to the bottom of those curves is fundamentally the next step. Cesar Pucheu of Puerto Plata put together an event to bring together riders of the Dominican Republic and riders from Puerto Rico to compete.

LA LOMOTA Downhill v2-

1. Cesar Pucheu (DR)
2. Miguel Cabreja (DR)
3. Jose el Loko (PR)
4. Jomar Guzman (PR)
5. Wilbert Caba (DR)

1. E Borii Montero (DR)
2. Erick Martinez (DR)
3. Richard Rodriguez (DR)-WOMEN
1. Pam Diaz (DR)
2. Catherine Goico
3. Arline Maria Barrot


Sponsors and Support for this event include:
Sector 9 Skateboards 9 DJovenes Surf-Skateboards Original Skateboardsginal Skateboards Billabong Manuel de Jesus Bergés Del Giudicegés Del Giudice DJovenes Surf-Skate Milton Lora Aboutaboard Kainani Pfeifen Carlos Mojicaarlos Mojica Carlos Alfredo Pucheu Leticia Corti Patinaje Dominicano Fedopatin Carib Wind Cabarete Bustin Boards Custom Longboards Carla Javier Jomar J. Guzman and Jose Perez


Mai Tai

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

tattoo_kite_or_dieHomeschooling offers so many exciting experiences for kids, they have time to really explore their talents and hobbies. Chase Hasch,,  my son has a few talents one major, kiteboarding. At 14 years old he is the youngest sponsored kiteboarder by Cabrinha Kites and was the youngest rider invited to the Triple S kiteboarding competition in North Carolina.  His fellow Cabrinha rider and mentor Susi Mai has started a kiteboarding vacation trip call the Mai Tai. Every year she brings a group of entrepreneurs to Cabarete for kiteboarding, exploring the North Coast, and partying. One of the parties was held at the Millenium Resort, with a pirate theme. The Boy, Chase Hasch, is always a go for a dress up party and was attired in his black shorts, red waist sash, black eyeliner, and wind surfing tattoos across his knuckles, chest, and forearm.

Oh The Weekend…

Monday, July 1st, 2013

We have been busy here at The Red Dragon Inn. The weekend has been so full of one event to the next. It all started on Tuesday…we went to trivia at Uno Mas. It really wasn’t an option as our friend just returned from the Ukraine and brought hooch vodka from her uncles friend and insisted on our attendance for the official tasting ceremony. Of course with Russian vodka in our blood stream dancing was to follow and suddenly the clock was at three in the morning. At nine on Wednesday it was time to head to Puerto Plata for a meeting with the manager of Casa Nelson then to the screen printer for the t-shirts for the Cabarete Classic Windsurf Event that I am helping organize. Since I was already in Puerto Plata I headed to the flea market, in Spanish it is called “La Pulga” which means the flea. There I went looking for a new pair of Converse for The Boy but only managed to find a pair of knock offs in his size and the dude asked me for $2800RD which equals about $68US. Silly man. I put them back and went looking for my favorite honey sandlewood soap that I only seem to find at la pulga. That I found in a four pack and saved 50 pesos (woohoo that’s like $1.25US). I grabbed the guagua guaguaand headed back to Cabarete.

The kite boarding school, Big Air Kite School has a BBQ once a month on, right before or right after the full moon and it happened to be that time of the month so at seven I headed to my once a month bar tending job. Job may be an over statement as it really is “my once a month German lesson.” After making a few mojitos I took a snooze by the bonfire then went in to clean my station and come home for some sleep.

Friday it started again with working around the house and on the website for Cabarete Classic – We have a mountain apple tree that has been pooping fruit all over the ground because we could not reach any of it with the tree being so tall. So, we pruned it back at about half way down. Here in the Dominican Republic it is expensive to get power tools so the norm is to use machetes for just about everything. Including cutting 12 inch thick branches. Only one power line cam down so I count it as a success. With all the branches on the ground it was easy to collect the fruit. We collected three beer boxes full of fruit. I made two sangria cobblers. The rest we will make into wine and champagne.

Friday was also Tim from Uno Mas’s, last night so we had a going away party for him. Turned out that the after party was at The Red Dragon Inn. Amazing the endurance of some as the roosters where crowing to say the day has come. I grabbed a couple hours of sleep then was on to the Saturday endurance run.

Mountain Apple Sangria Cobbler

Sangria Cobbler

Surprise! Happy Birthday! We went to a party for our friends. Mango, pineapple platers with a yogurt, honey, cashew sauce served with Sangria. There was a big turn out. I made a sangria cobbler that I was inspired by Confections of a Foodie Bride. Unfortunately, I forgot it while I was packing the other dishes. There was so much food prepared by my friend that it was not a problem.

We had an Acro Yoga gathering a The Red Dragon Inn. It was a fun group. We were all different levels, ages from 14 to 40 something. We worked as a team with bases, fliers, and spotters. We started with folded leaf and bird; and ended with cartwheels. Wow. The inversion in the cartwheel was incredible. Smoothing out the movement will definitely take a few more gatherings. I am definitely using the term few generously. We are moving the acro yoga gathering time to 1 pm on Sunday. So that we are free for kiting the evening session. The boy headed out but I was pretty tired after the last few day so I declined to make some chicken udon soup. And work on the tshirt for the CabareteClassic. We had a meeting before the acro yoga gathering so I had some more input on what the guys wanted on the shirts. After that weekend I was definitely looking forward to hitting the sack.


Mermaid Parade June 2013

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013


We had Mermaids, an Ursela Octopus, Atlantans, Tiger fish puppy, a couple of Shark Dogs and many for moral support. Thanks all who came to play and hang out. Especial thanks to Uno Mas CTFO in Cabarete for the complementary beverages to those in costume. We had a great time and look forward to hosting it again next year to ring in the summer.

In honor of all our New York transplants and of course  we will be doing a mermaid parade through Cabarete. We will start at the Red Dragon Inn on Calle 7 in the Callejon de la loma, for drinks and congregating. Then parade up the Callejon de la Loma to the beach where the mermaid belongs ending at Uno Mas for treats from the sea and to party! Start getting your sea costumes ready and invite your friends of course feel free to bring music instruments. Call 829-779-4041 for more information.