Don’t Litter

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

DSCF0042 copySo today on my way back from buying Empanadas, I was skating back when some random person threw his beer cap in the street. Normally I probably wouldn’t have cared but it just so happened that that cap had it in for me.

It was kinda funny how I saw things in those two seconds; the ark of the cap,  the realization that I was about to eat it, so I went with it!! I got a little scraped up but I have a new rule for myself, “I won’t throw trash in the road!” there are better places for it. Most of us in Cabarete drive Motos and with only two tires its a lot easier to fall. So why not look out for everyone and put litter in a bin?

Braining Up!

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

brainYesterday I had a brain scan. My friend Freddy Starr is a psychiatrist and does brain scans and biofeedback to help people that have had trauma to the brain. The Doc put a cap on my head after measuring how big my head is. The cap has several sensors attached that each have a wire connecting them to a small computer. The sensors are set against my head and a small amount of goop is added to make them conduct the brain signals. Then I sat with my eyes closed for three minutes trying my best not to move.  After the initial scan, I could see on 3D mapping where my brain had received the worst trauma. It happened to be near my left ear. The spot is where visual and audio understanding are located. Injury to this area often causes problems with memory, understanding what I am seeing, word finding, languages, spelling and reading.

Fortunately, with the biofeedback I can retrain my brain and get higher performance from it. That process includes focusing lightly on one area of my brain and trying to make the music from the computer consistent and full. It was not too hard but there are higher levels of difficulty that the Doc can work with me to get up to for more results. After the practice I felt different in my head like a little bit of fuzzy. Doc told me to go look outside and see if I felt any different. I looked out at the ocean and realized that I no longer saw the two different shades of colors from one eye to the other. As a child I was part of a study for visual color discrepancies at the Dornbecker Hospital in Portland Oregon. Now for the first time in my memory (hahaha) I have equal colors from both eyes. Wow! This afternoon I will go back for my second session.