Getting More Exposure for your Website

Friday, May 9th, 2014

The guys at, E2W, are great. They regularly hold web meetups to share their vast amount of knowledge in the web development and Search Engine Optimization, SEO, fields.

I joined todays conversation late unfortunately, so I missed a good chunk of information but after I did join I was very happy with the content of discussion. Don Campbell was leading the discussion and they record the sessions so I will be able to watch the whole thing from the session recording. I am a member of their E2W so I have access to all of the previous session recordings, videos, tools and coaching.

At the time I logged in, Don was covering:

How to find the right keywords for writing content on your site; start typing and see what others are typing, google automatically starts trying to figure out what you are trying to find. The use of long key phrases to make your site rank higher. People are typing longer phrases into the search box to get better results. Why not use that for our advantage?

Then he recommended using Moz, they offer a 30 day trial so you can get a great idea before buying anything. It is a software program that checks through your site and lets you know: Rankings. Links. Social. Website errors?
Missed conversations?
SEO opportunities?
They will find them and show you what to do next.
Brand. Content. Traffic.
Custom reporting? Check.
Research tools? Check.
Q&A with the most helpful
community of marketers on the web? Check yeah!

I did the Moz evaluation for and it was so cool to see all the different people linking to my site. Wow! I had no idea so many people have been suggesting my site to others. It was really cool to see what I am doing right and where I can gain more exposure. Also, why checking out my Moz evaluation I found a blog that has been linking to me, Our Little Place In The Sun.

At the end of the webinar mind you I missed a lot by being late, Don went over the need to claim your site on google web developer and Bing Webmaster tools.

Thanks again E2W for helping me keep my knowledge and skills up to date.


Sunday Funday

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Sunday is Dominican Day. It is the last day of the week here in the DR. Definitely cause to stop and enjoy the beauty of our lives. Yesterday, we decided on a day trip. We loaded up the micro bus; I made a snack cooler filled with masubi balls, garbonzo bean salad, chips and dip, and a gallon of ginger lemon aid. Team chihuahua all boarded and we headed east to Laguna Dudu. The boys in the back road with the double barn doors open for maximum air flow. Derp likes it as he is sits under the seat and has a great view of the landscape flying by. Didi and Peterknof sat on my lap and Dodo hung out in the rear sitting on the cooler. It is a few hours to the lagoon but the drive is gorgeous the landscape continuously taking my breath away with it’s beauty.

Laguna Dudu that is also known as Blue Lagoon is a natural park with two crystal clear lagoons, huge caves, natural gardens, geese, zipline into one of the lagoons, volley ball court, restaurant, soccer field, hammocks, cana umbrellas, all sorts of leisure activities. The most popular for The Boy and his friends is the zipline that lets you fly a couple of hundred  feet to then drop down 40 feet into the crystal clear water. They recently have added a rescue kayak for those who don’t swim well. The boys went over and over again. Normally we go during the week but yesterday on Sunday was definitely funday for a lot of people. Where normally there is only a few folks there were 20 or so at the lagoon we were at and another 15 or so at the other. Then folks milling around the gardens and caves.

After a few hours we decided to head back to Cabarete. The Boy was ready to drive after watching the road on the way there. He took the wheel and the guys all crammed in the back and the pups in my lap. The Boy has been riding his motorcycle for the past 9 years but is just now spending much time driving. Before he was to short to reach the peddles and be able to see. Now he is a solid five feet six inches (almost my height one more inch). He is a good driver he is alert and holds the speed good. The micro bus has loose steering so that he has to get used to, that will just be more time. He drove till we found the vivero, nursery, that had a nice looking restaurant with outdoor seating surrounded by gardens and pathways.

The boys all ordered  brownies, smoothies or coffee. I ordered an ice tea. Then we went for a walk about to check out the plants. So many plants, it always amazes me how few fruit trees these viveros have here. I didn’t even find one edible plant or tree.

We all loaded back up and headed for home!

Great Day!


Don’t Litter

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

DSCF0042 copySo today on my way back from buying Empanadas, I was skating back when some random person threw his beer cap in the street. Normally I probably wouldn’t have cared but it just so happened that that cap had it in for me.

It was kinda funny how I saw things in those two seconds; the ark of the cap,  the realization that I was about to eat it, so I went with it!! I got a little scraped up but I have a new rule for myself, “I won’t throw trash in the road!” there are better places for it. Most of us in Cabarete drive Motos and with only two tires its a lot easier to fall. So why not look out for everyone and put litter in a bin?

Braining Up!

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

brainYesterday I had a brain scan. My friend Freddy Starr is a psychiatrist and does brain scans and biofeedback to help people that have had trauma to the brain. The Doc put a cap on my head after measuring how big my head is. The cap has several sensors attached that each have a wire connecting them to a small computer. The sensors are set against my head and a small amount of goop is added to make them conduct the brain signals. Then I sat with my eyes closed for three minutes trying my best not to move.  After the initial scan, I could see on 3D mapping where my brain had received the worst trauma. It happened to be near my left ear. The spot is where visual and audio understanding are located. Injury to this area often causes problems with memory, understanding what I am seeing, word finding, languages, spelling and reading.

Fortunately, with the biofeedback I can retrain my brain and get higher performance from it. That process includes focusing lightly on one area of my brain and trying to make the music from the computer consistent and full. It was not too hard but there are higher levels of difficulty that the Doc can work with me to get up to for more results. After the practice I felt different in my head like a little bit of fuzzy. Doc told me to go look outside and see if I felt any different. I looked out at the ocean and realized that I no longer saw the two different shades of colors from one eye to the other. As a child I was part of a study for visual color discrepancies at the Dornbecker Hospital in Portland Oregon. Now for the first time in my memory (hahaha) I have equal colors from both eyes. Wow! This afternoon I will go back for my second session.



Moto Goes to

Friday, September 6th, 2013

The other day, I was heading kiting on my Motorcycle, a Honda Cub, which is pretty old but, they are super reliable. And I got picked up by the AMET. The AMET are like Police but they only deal with traffic. They block the road and pull over about 50 people  then either make them pay there or take all the motos to Sosua where you have to pay even more.

They pulled me over because my muffler was too loud. I told them that I was on my way to go get it fixed but they just kicked me off the bike and told me I had to buy a new muffler even though there were only 2 screws missing, then took it to Susua.

I had to take a motoconcho home then thanks to my mom we got my motto back without having to buy a new muffler. However, they did get us with an underage driver ticket that ended up costing 2,500 pesos. So like $62 US.

Mai Tai

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

tattoo_kite_or_dieHomeschooling offers so many exciting experiences for kids, they have time to really explore their talents and hobbies. Chase Hasch,,  my son has a few talents one major, kiteboarding. At 14 years old he is the youngest sponsored kiteboarder by Cabrinha Kites and was the youngest rider invited to the Triple S kiteboarding competition in North Carolina.  His fellow Cabrinha rider and mentor Susi Mai has started a kiteboarding vacation trip call the Mai Tai. Every year she brings a group of entrepreneurs to Cabarete for kiteboarding, exploring the North Coast, and partying. One of the parties was held at the Millenium Resort, with a pirate theme. The Boy, Chase Hasch, is always a go for a dress up party and was attired in his black shorts, red waist sash, black eyeliner, and wind surfing tattoos across his knuckles, chest, and forearm.

Home School Field trip to Puerto Plata

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Home schooling is such a wonderful way to connect your children with their passions. Hopefully those passions will vary and the desire to obtain more knowledge be bountiful. Living in the Dominican Republic our sources for educational topics are endless. For example, kite boarding…IMG_6615 copy copyIMG_6552 copy copyRiders; Katie Bowcutt – Dominican Republic, Chase Hasch – Dominican Republic, and Nick Callejo (USA).  IMG_6600 copy copy  Took a field trip from the Red Dragon Inn to the Malicon in Puerto Plata to appreciate the Art and history. You can feel the concentration that Nick is displaying as he intently focuses on the statue in front of him.The children were also very intent on the studies of aero dynamics and eco structure of the ocean floor.