Yerba Bruja at Aldea Casa Verde La Vega

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Yerba Bruja an 11 member reggae band from Puerto Rico, came to Aldea Casa Verde in La Vega, Dominican Republic. They were the headline for the release party of  Caribbean Smoothies’ a rolling paper made from tobacco leaves grown in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Dtroya y el Conuco, a Dominican band opened for Yerba Bruja.


Sunday Funday

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Sunday is Dominican Day. It is the last day of the week here in the DR. Definitely cause to stop and enjoy the beauty of our lives. Yesterday, we decided on a day trip. We loaded up the micro bus; I made a snack cooler filled with masubi balls, garbonzo bean salad, chips and dip, and a gallon of ginger lemon aid. Team chihuahua all boarded and we headed east to Laguna Dudu. The boys in the back road with the double barn doors open for maximum air flow. Derp likes it as he is sits under the seat and has a great view of the landscape flying by. Didi and Peterknof sat on my lap and Dodo hung out in the rear sitting on the cooler. It is a few hours to the lagoon but the drive is gorgeous the landscape continuously taking my breath away with it’s beauty.

Laguna Dudu that is also known as Blue Lagoon is a natural park with two crystal clear lagoons, huge caves, natural gardens, geese, zipline into one of the lagoons, volley ball court, restaurant, soccer field, hammocks, cana umbrellas, all sorts of leisure activities. The most popular for The Boy and his friends is the zipline that lets you fly a couple of hundred  feet to then drop down 40 feet into the crystal clear water. They recently have added a rescue kayak for those who don’t swim well. The boys went over and over again. Normally we go during the week but yesterday on Sunday was definitely funday for a lot of people. Where normally there is only a few folks there were 20 or so at the lagoon we were at and another 15 or so at the other. Then folks milling around the gardens and caves.

After a few hours we decided to head back to Cabarete. The Boy was ready to drive after watching the road on the way there. He took the wheel and the guys all crammed in the back and the pups in my lap. The Boy has been riding his motorcycle for the past 9 years but is just now spending much time driving. Before he was to short to reach the peddles and be able to see. Now he is a solid five feet six inches (almost my height one more inch). He is a good driver he is alert and holds the speed good. The micro bus has loose steering so that he has to get used to, that will just be more time. He drove till we found the vivero, nursery, that had a nice looking restaurant with outdoor seating surrounded by gardens and pathways.

The boys all ordered  brownies, smoothies or coffee. I ordered an ice tea. Then we went for a walk about to check out the plants. So many plants, it always amazes me how few fruit trees these viveros have here. I didn’t even find one edible plant or tree.

We all loaded back up and headed for home!

Great Day!


Don’t Litter

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

DSCF0042 copySo today on my way back from buying Empanadas, I was skating back when some random person threw his beer cap in the street. Normally I probably wouldn’t have cared but it just so happened that that cap had it in for me.

It was kinda funny how I saw things in those two seconds; the ark of the cap,  the realization that I was about to eat it, so I went with it!! I got a little scraped up but I have a new rule for myself, “I won’t throw trash in the road!” there are better places for it. Most of us in Cabarete drive Motos and with only two tires its a lot easier to fall. So why not look out for everyone and put litter in a bin?


Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

I got my order from the Territorial Seed Company, out of Oregon, a while back and last week did another bit of planting. Territorial Seed Company is my brand of choice because of their lines of organic non-gmo seeds. Also their customer service is really top notch. This week the lavender is sprouting like crazy and the basil is popping up beautiful little leaves all around the baking pans that I use as my seed trays. Here in the DR plastics are wicked expensive and the seeding trays I used in the past are not financially beneficial. Alternative…that is how the tin trays came to be.

Sprouting soil I am getting dehydrated soil out of Puerto Plata. I get it from the farm supply store. Same place I pick up my chicken food and all the vaccinations for the dogs. The dehydrated soil means I have to rehydrate it, that involves filling the tray half full of soil then adding lots of water and sticking my hands in it squeezing up the liquid. It is a project of time not skill but the cost benefit from buying at the veleros (nurseries) in Sosua is substantial. It is an odd place this north coast of the dr, there are many, many nurseries, yet none of them sell any vegetables and only a few options for fruit trees.

Lavender is one of those hard to find plants here on the north coast as well. I am planning on after my seedlings get a bit bigger and stronger, transplanting them into cut glass self watering bottles. Then at the local handmade bazaar that is once a month I will sell them. Yay! money for more casita repairs.

La Lomota Downhill V2 Outlaw Race

Friday, August 23rd, 2013


IMG_9936 copy300pxLa Lomota Downhill V2 Outlaw Race

S-Curves and Switchbacks and the terms that make downhill skaters drool. 19 curves of downhill fun is what pulls at their souls. Racing to the bottom of those curves is fundamentally the next step. Cesar Pucheu of Puerto Plata put together an event to bring together riders of the Dominican Republic and riders from Puerto Rico to compete.

LA LOMOTA Downhill v2-

1. Cesar Pucheu (DR)
2. Miguel Cabreja (DR)
3. Jose el Loko (PR)
4. Jomar Guzman (PR)
5. Wilbert Caba (DR)

1. E Borii Montero (DR)
2. Erick Martinez (DR)
3. Richard Rodriguez (DR)-WOMEN
1. Pam Diaz (DR)
2. Catherine Goico
3. Arline Maria Barrot


Sponsors and Support for this event include:
Sector 9 Skateboards 9 DJovenes Surf-Skateboards Original Skateboardsginal Skateboards Billabong Manuel de Jesus Bergés Del Giudicegés Del Giudice DJovenes Surf-Skate Milton Lora Aboutaboard Kainani Pfeifen Carlos Mojicaarlos Mojica Carlos Alfredo Pucheu Leticia Corti Patinaje Dominicano Fedopatin Carib Wind Cabarete Bustin Boards Custom Longboards Carla Javier Jomar J. Guzman and Jose Perez


Working the Garden

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

After moving to the new property i was determined to get the garden in.  I mapped out the yard looking for good shade and good sun to maximize the yield and protect my delicates like the lettuces. I started with the idea of burning the grass and hopefully the seeds and roots to help with how much weeding would be needed in the future. After spending 500 RD pesos about US$12.50 and barely making a dent. fire I switched to the idea of using the pick ax fortunately Billy and Yon Yon were working with me and they had it worked over pretty quickly. I asked around and got a truck load of manure delivered. The truckload made a 4 inch layer on the worked soil.

I ordered seeds from Territorial Seed Company They offer non-gmo and organic seeds. My plan with this garden is to grow the veggies and fruits that are not readily available or real expensive, here in Cabarete. I ordered a large variety of peppers including jalepenos (can’t wait for harvest and poppers!) Artichokes and brussel sprouts will be on my plate again, so excited about that. I have a variety of pole beans, mung beans, soy beans, and garbonzo beans all sprouted indoors then planted and growing strong. Nice thick stems and healthy green leaves. The pole beans are already a foot tall they are loving the manure foundation. I also ordered and indoor germinated tomatillos with excellent results. They have now been planted and are doing alright. We have had a hurricane come through and got some real downpours with it. So the baby tomatillos have had a surplus of water. The direct planted spinace did not go as well as I had hopped out of two rows I only had one that sprouted. The seeds were old so it was not surprising. Today on the agenda is cleaning up the fallen fruits from the mountain apple tree. tree Unfortunately, the fruits are to high to get to so they fall to the ground and get bruised up. I am planning on topping the tree after the harvest so next year the fruits will be more accessible. After the fruit clean up I will get into the garden for some weeding and to plant a few more beans that have sprouted.


Wilson’s Boat Tour

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Don’t Be Feeding that Chihuahua to the Alligators


“Don’t feed that Chihuahua to the Alligators!” Wilson yelled. I immediately put Didi down as Wilson came over and ever so politely explained how a little Chihuahua looks like a mighty fine snack to a 12 foot crocodile and holding her so she could see the crocodiles was a terrible idea. Wilson’s jungle boat tour includes a visit to his mini zoo where he houses crocodiles (the only ones on the North coast of the Dominican Republic), a huge iguana, a boa constrictor, a tame crow, parrots, flamingos, and a slew of dogs and cats that all needed rescuing.

After visiting the mini zoo and holding a few of the animals drinks were served; Presidente, Bohemia, Cuba libre, Santo libre, water and soda pops. Then, we hopped into the boat and headed through the jungle to the mouth of the river.

The Jessica River, winds through jungle areas with Palm trees and deciduous firs so old and huge with branches hanging low and horizontal screaming to be sat under with a picnic basket or swung from a rope into the warm river water. Other parts of the trip were through cow fields with wild bush patches lining the river and other areas were covered by water vines as far as the eye could see with only a gash for the boats to cruise through.

After reaching la boca, lunch was scheduled for an hour later to give time to play on the beach and watch the kiters in action. The kite boarders were doing tricks and flying through the air, some of them more than 20 feet high.  La boca is known for being an advanced spot for kiting, some of the world’s best riders come to ride and do tricks that are so close to the shore it is easy to tell what color eyes they have. At one point a guy came riding by with a girl hanging on his back, the next time they came by he jumped and they were both at least 15 feet in the air!

While we were hanging out on the beach Wilson and his staff were preparing drinks and lunch for us. They brought out coco locos in coconuts and piña colada in pineapples. When they need more coconuts one of the staff will climb up the tree to fetch a fresh one.  Around the time drinks were being finished, lunch was ready. Lobsters, shrimp, fish, and chicken along with a platter salad, a huge bowl of rice, a platter of plantains and a big bowl of beans were brought to the table. The food was excellent and the prices were incredible at under $25 a person for the lobster lunch and the boat trip. Wilson also offers the boat trip without lunch or with less expensive lunch options.

Once lunch was over we were given the option of staying longer at the beach or hopping back into the boat and heading up the river and back to our car. Contact Wilson at 809-667-1960, or find him at the end of the river known as La Boca by the locals or you can ask a moto concho driver to take you there from Cabarete for around $5 US.

If the jungle boat tour is not for you then you can meet up at the restaurant and enjoy the food and drinks and the view.

Surf Competition

Monday, January 7th, 2013

dominican republic surf competition 2013

3rd National Surf Contest by Christian Surfers Dominican Republic. Feb 1-3. Sign ups and Opening Party Friday at 7 PM in Extreme Hotel in Kite Beach, Cabarete. Party Hosted by Tropical Skate School and Live Music by Ministerio YIOD. After Party with Jody Chance at 9PM at Aloha Surf Cafe. Heats begin Saturday Morning at Playa Encuentro at 7:30AM. Sunday morning beach service at 8 PM. Finals at 8:30AM. Award Ceremony directly following the Finals.

Bienvenidos a todos a la 3ra competencia de Surfistas Cristianos RD.Viernes 1 –

Fiesta y apertura con música en vivo por @Ministerio Yiod y exhibición de Skate por @Tropical Skate School en @Extreme Hotel

Inscripciones (RD300) comienzan a las 7 PM

**No se puede inscribir el Sabadó, tiene que llegar a Extreme Hotel el Viernes***

“After Party” en @Aloha Surf Cafe –

Sabadó 2 –

Heats comienzan a las 7 y 30 AM.

OPEN/JUNIOR – @Buena Onda Surf School


Otra fiesta en Extreme en la noche a las 7 PM.

Domingo 3 –

Culto en la playa a las 8 AM.

*Las Finales*

Entrega de premios directamente despues de las finales.

A Little Wind Trickled In

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

We headed out to La Bocca today, our normal crew. The Boy with Derp on the back, me with Dodo on the front and Didi in the pocket. Susi Mai and Jesse Richman showed up there to kite and do a photo shoot. The Boy did not have enough wind for his 8meter kite to work, so Susi hooked him up and use her 12 meter Cabrinha. It is easy to find him since Susi flies a hot pink and electric blue kite.
The pups managed to find a dead fish including maggots to roll in, so they smelll reeeaaal good!

Pauhana Grom Surf Contest

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

A great bunch of groms and parents turned out for the competition. The waves not so much, but the kids did great.